Victim Services

Supporting providers who serve individuals who have been harmed by crime

DI supports providers that offer assistance to victims of crime and violence and survivors of disasters in areas such as health, counseling, forensic interviews, legal processes, community coalition building, and funding. We specialize in providing quality services to individuals with disabilities, seniors, Native Americans, and other target populations.

Through customized programs, DI helps build the capacity of both seasoned and emerging crime victim assistance organizations. We specialize in serving all individuals through cultural responsiveness and physical and programmatic accessibility.

DI has developed a range of culturally responsive and inclusive services to help providers serve victims. These can be quickly implemented, easily adapted to fit different scenarios, and work together seamlessly:

  • Capacity building — Program design and strategic planning, grant writing, fundraising, event planning, and leadership development.
  • Coalition building — Process development, facilitation, strategies for collaboration, best-practice sharing, and conference and workshop creation.
  • Research — Program Evaluation, technical writing and reporting, data collection and analysis.
  • Information dissemination — Publication development and communications outreach.
  • Curriculum building — Program development and training events, including face-to-face, instructor-led training; online training; and train-the-trainer training. Many of our curricula and e-learning programs are Continuing Education Unit (CEU) qualified.