Disability / Accessibility

Supporting universal accessibility and inclusion

DI believes that in order to be successful and effective, organizations must design and implement services and experiences that are accessible, and inclusive of all audiences. DI consultants are experts in helping public, private and nonprofit organizations plan and design for accessibility. We help organizations keep pace with inclusive and evolving programs, technologies, policies and practices to ensure individuals with disabilities can engage with products and services equally.

If decision makers and agency partners are unfamiliar with the intricacies of planning and implementing accessible programs and products, there’s a high chance of exclusion. Accessibility means more than physical access. It also requires programmatic accessibility and “all-human” centered design. With DI’s support, organizations can develop the understanding that the power of accessibility can create inclusive experiences for everyone, and push customers up higher on the participation curve.

We offer expertise in universal access, including:

  • Accessibility Standards
  • Collaborating with diverse partners and agencies
  • Identifying gaps and solutions
  • Human Resources including recruiting, hiring and placement practices
  • Training
  • Policy Development
  • Assessment Studies and Research Projects 
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Accessible Event Planning
  • Assistance Dogs

DI experts assist government and private entities with creating and implementing accessible and inclusive projects, such as:

  • Conducting onsite accessibility assessments for government buildings, businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • Planning and conducting national conferences that are accessible to participants with disabilities
  • Training hotel staff to provide accessible services to guests with disabilities
  • Hosting the #1 working dog podcast Working Like Dogs on Pet Life Radio
  • Creating multimedia materials regarding violence against children and adults with disabilities including seniors and minority populations
  • Training law enforcement, victim service providers, disability providers, parents, educators and other public and private personnel on an array of disability related topics
  • Ensuring hiring practices and human resource policies are accessible and equitable
  • Developing Emergency Preparedness protocols and planning and implementing exercises for individuals with disabilities
  • Conducting multiple research studies and best practices identification
  • Developing policies and legislation regarding universal access and inclusion for individuals with disabilities
  • Founding International Assistance Dog Week, celebrated annually worldwide in over 40 countries
  • Researching and securing funding to support disability related accommodations and programming
  • Recruiting for Job Placement, identifying and facilitating effective accommodations and job coaching and mentoring