Industries and Services

Making a difference every day

Improving people’s lives is often bigger than any one provider’s capacity or a single government agency’s charter. It requires the ability to reach across boundaries to leverage all available resources. DI has a history of building bridges to align culturally responsive programs across organizations.

For example, we have helped achieve meaningful impact in social programs ranging from internet crimes against children to job training programs to child welfare.

  • We worked with a governmental agency to create an Internet Crimes Against Children program with state and federal agencies to give law enforcers, prosecutors and victim services providers the appropriate knowledge, skills, and equipment to investigate and prosecute internet crimes against children.
  • We work with tribal government organizations throughout the Southwest to assist them in enhancing their law enforcement agencies through training, delivering victim services, and obtaining innovative equipment and technology.
  • We prepare professionals for employment success in the 21st century through trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, inclusive trainings and programs. We help professionals increase their impact, enhance productivity, and deal with sensitive issues.

With backgrounds ranging from public policy, human services, and social sciences, to public health, and the sciences, DI’s team of consultants have unique skills that enable us to drive breakthrough work on many of the world’s most critical social issues.