Davis Innovations

Davis Innovations

Addressing organizational issues with strategic and measurable actions



DI staff specializes in supporting transportation systems that safely and efficiently move people and supports a growing economy. DI staff work with organizations to develop and to implement programs and projects that prevent injuries and save lives by eliminating crashes on public roadways. DI staff has developed programs and projects in response to the following transportation needs:

  • Traffic Safety and Enforcement
  • Public Transportation Improvements
  • Public Transportation Accessibility

DI Staff Experience

  • Working with school districts, non-profit and governmental organizations to conduct public safety campaigns such as Bicycle Helmet Safety and DWI programming;
  • Working with mass transit systems to implement and analyze on board satisfaction surveys and to develop customer profiles;
  • Working with non-profit and governmental organizations to develop and to conduct public safety training and curricula;
  • Assisting non-profit and governmental entities to develop public transportation policy and legislation.