Davis Innovations

Davis Innovations

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Economic Development

economic development

DI staff specializes in working with organizations and individuals to achieve long-term sustainable and focused economic growth by building a diverse, innovative economy and workforce that will provide opportunity and prosperity while respecting the environment. DI staff has developed programs and projects in response to the following economic trends and needs:

  • Green Jobs and Industries
  • Business Incubation
  • Workforce Development
  • Partnership Building
  • Improving Business Infrastructure

DI Staff Experience

  • Developing and securing funding for collaborative efforts including educators, youth service providers, employers and government officials to develop and to enhance regional work force talent by preparing youth for green collar careers;
  • Working with non-profit and governmental agencies to develop paid apprenticeship programs for at-risk youth;
  • Conducting comprehensive evaluations with governmental entities to ensure the success of economic development programs and economic sustainability;
  • Researching and securing grant funding for economic developments programs and projects.