Davis Innovations

Davis Innovations

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Environmental Services

environmental services

DI staff specializes in working with clientele to develop and to implement programs and projects that promote a safe, clean, and productive environment. DI staff has developed programs and projects in response to the following environmental needs:

  • Sustainable Food Supplies
  • Water Safety and Security
  • Watershed and River Restoration
  • Recycling and Resource Sustainability
  • Natural Erosion Control
  • Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency

DI Staff Experience

  • Working with governmental agencies to conduct comprehensive evaluations of reutilization programs including researching best practices, defining programmatic models, and identifying measurable outcomes;
  • Working with non-profit and governmental organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate river restoration projects and curricula;
  • Developing and securing funding to implement Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) projects for at-risk youth; and
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating environmental service learning projects.
  • Working with private environmental and energy specialists to develop and to evaluate online training curricula.